Swedish Massage

The most popular form of massage in the western world, Swedish massage is great for relaxation and working out any tight spots.

Ninety Minutes $90

One Hour $60

Half Hour $40


Therapeutic Massage

Have a specific issue you need worked on? A therapeutic massage is for you: a massage geared not at relaxation, but working out all your aches, pains and knots.

Ninety Minutes $95

One Hour  $65

Half Hour $45


Deep Tissue Massage

Our therapists use techniques to get in deep to work every layer of muscle, fascia, and other connective tissue.

Ninety Minutes $95

One Hour $65

Half Hour $45


Sports Massage

Great not just for athletes, but even the active person. Through both massage and stretching, we'll get your muscles and joints ready for your next big game or race, aid in recovery from sports injury, or even just keep you flexible after a hard workout.

Ninety Minutes $100

One Hour $70


Bun-in-the-oven Pregnancy Massage

No matter what trimester you're in, we can relieve the general pain and stress

that comes with pregnancy. Come see us whether you just found out the great news, or if you're close to your due date.

Ninety Minute $100

One  Hour $70

Hot Stone Massage

Basalt stones are heated and used to massage your body. The heat penetrates the tissues five times deeper than hands alone, and relaxes your muscles for a totally soothing experience, while still being very therapeutic.

Ninety Minute $105

One Hour $85


Skinny Massage

This massage concentrates on the body areas prone to cellulite.  Penetrating fatty tissue to help it dissolve.

Ninety Minute $95

One Hour $65

Thirty Minute $45


Anti-Aging Full Body Massage

This full body massage utilizes a wonderfully hydrating and healing lotion to rejuvenate aging skin, while reducing stress.

One Hour $70


Couples Massage

Come in with your significant other and experience a relaxing Swedish massage together on side-by-side massage tables.

One Hour $120 


Scalp Treatment

This indulgent treatment uses blended exotic oils drizzled at the base of the scalp and gently massaged into the scalp. The perfect indulgence for any treatment. This is a perfect addition to a massage or facial.

15 Minuets $15

Aromatherapy Upgrade ..... $10


Chair Massage (Per Minute)  $1

For people on the GO!  20 minutes  minimum.

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